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Margo C. Reis

P.O. Box 522
Mill Valley, CA 94942
(415) 383-1494

Artist's Statement

Whether living on the East or West coast I have always been drawn to the power and beauty of nature, especially where land and water meet. The beautiful nuances and varieties in natural light, textures, colors and shapes in the outdoor world fascinate and energize me. The exciting and predictable unpredictability of what can happen when pigment and papers meet on the canvas continues to hold my attention and to delight me. I attempt to celebrate what nature has presented as I work toward suggesting a particular scene, or time, or mood. At some point in this fluid, changing, evolving process I limit the information. No need to over refine or define. When I am successful with a painting I can rely on the viewer's own imagination, memories and personal interpretation to give the painting new meaning, interest and life.

The process is like putting a puzzle together, but first I need to create the puzzle pieces. I use watercolor and acrylic paint with torn papers to suggest natural landforms, water, light. My intent is to portray, abstractly, nature's compelling beauty and power, simplicity and complexity. Often a useful piece from an earlier, rejected painting will have a torn edge or color blend that catches my eye. I might just really like the way it looks and, with luck, it will evoke a memory, mood or theme for a painting. Now my interest is peaked. I'm on my way! Proceeding with careful intent, I stay open to surprises, fortuitous accidents and change. I might choose one color, then adjust it to another not so dull. Perhaps I'll tear out what seems like the perfect shape, only to decide later to replace it with one less obvious, more interesting. While experimenting, adjusting, and making choices I listen to that inner, more knowing voice. It guides me as I paint and paste, expressing my emotional response to nature.

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